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This website describes the village of West Scrafton in Coverdale, one of the lesser known dales in North Yorkshire. The village is beautifully set beneath the Roova Crags on the south-east side of the River Cover.

It comprises only about forty dwellings, a third of which are grade 2 listed, and it has a history going back before the first millennium which can be traced from then on.

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Millennium Book

is now available on a CD.

358 pages complete from cover to cover

in printable PDF format.

It is divided into seven sections

for ease of handling on a computer.

£5 for local villagers.    £6 including p&p.

Applications to

Curlew Cottage, West Scrafton, Leyburn, DL8 4RU.

Please make cheques payable to  A F Harrison.

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A unique Coverdale village in the Yorkshire Dales

This book was produced by the inhabitants of the village in celebration of

over 1000 years of its existence.

Apart from giving an insight into life in the country, it provides interesting and informative details

of farming and gamekeeping and reveals a few little-known items such as the 19th century

proposal for a railway through Coverdale and the coal mining industry of the dale.